Raytheon Press Release makes Rhrodri Morgan expert on Raytheon?

Raytheon Company's positive public image stands in stunning contrast to its criminal record, mistreatment of workers, sale of weapons to dictators, and abuse of corporate power. This profile highlights aspects of Raytheon's corporate profile that are glossed over in the company's own public statements and are invariably forgotten or ignored by major commercial media outlets. See also Corp Watch Raytheon .
Cardiff CAAT received a response from the Assembly govt to a Freedom of
Information request regarding Rhodri Morgan's meetings with Raytheon below.
"The first minister met Peter McKee and Steve Lynch
of Raytheon Systems Ltd on
7th Nov 2001.
A thorough search of our files has not identified any
minutes or notes
of that meeting."

'Rhrodri Morgan has not had any formal meetings with Metrix ..
has met with some
members of the consortium at a range of
events and functions.

Minutes where not taken at these functions.'

Where did Rhrodri get his knowledge of Raytheon?
"Rhrodri has build up his knowledge over many years
of experience and discussion.
Part of this includes the statement below released by

by Metrix UK to the media on 5th Nov 2007."

So our Rhrodri Morgans knowledge of Raytheon comes from
a press release...OK
invite anyone into Wales to teach our children when
you don't know a thing about them!

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